Shoe Laces


National Braiding manufactures a wide range of products from Access rope, industrial cords, moccasin thread to shoe laces. The standard range of shoe laces includes :

  • Round Shoe Laces
  • Flat Shoe Laces
  • Safety Shoe Laces
  • School Shoe Laces

The shoe laces are also available in a variety of colours and patterns. The standard range in a variety of width and designs are available on the website at . You can view the available colours, patterns and choose from the normal range or request a customised lace.

Shoe laces are made in continuous lengths and then tipped and cut to the required lengths. The tips or ends of the shoe laces are available in three types …

  • Plastic tipped – plastic around the end
  • Fused – the tips are melted at the ends
  • Wing tipped – plastic winged shaped tip at the end to prevent the laces from exiting the eyelet

NBI also has different finishes on offer eg waxed shoe laces – this gives the lace a leather look finish. No matter the width, colour, type of end or finish, the vast range is available for order to your specific needs eg school shoes, boots, dress shoes, sports shoes, football boots, safety shoes, etc To place an order for shoe laces today with our team please call us on  (+27) 36 431 7069. We will be more than happy to help and we look forward to hearing from you.