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Access Rope

Arresta is the registered brand name of access rope manufactured and supplied by National Braiding.

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Yes the full range of Arresta ropes conform to the required international standards that may be applicable. NBI is also ISO accredited and certain ropes are CE accredited…

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • CE EN 1891

The tensile strength is the load at which a new rope, can be expected to break under tension, under normal laboratory conditions.

Every time a knot is tied to the rope, it effectively cuts the tensile strength by half. The knot, when tensioned, cuts the line. Whilst some knots damage the lines less than others, the 50% rule is a good standard to stick to.

Kernmantle is derived from the German word “kernmantel” which means “core and jacket”. The kernmantle rope is constructed with its interior core protected by an exterior braided sheath, designed to optimize strength, durability and flexibility. The “kern” or core fibres delivers the tensile strength whilst the “mantle” or sheath provides the abrasion factors

This is generally 5-20% of the listed tensile strength depending on the age and condition of the rope.

Synthetic rope should be stored out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry and well ventilated place as they could be weakened by prolonged exposure to uv rays and heat. Natural fibre ropes should be kept off the floor with ventilation underneath as they are vulnerable to mildew and decay if wet.

Yes, ARRESTA® ropes can be supplied in join free packaging from 30m up to 400m.

Arresta rope is made from high tenacity polyester and polyamide yarns thus ensuring supreme product performance

This is a double construction process where the first rope is braided around a hollow core and then goes through a second process where the final rope is then braided around the first rope. This is also known as braid-on-braid.

This is a braided rope with an internal core to create the strength and stretch characteristics of the rope

NBI range of ropes are wound onto spools or coiled and shrink-wrapped. See rope range

Parachute Cords

The parachute cords manufactured by NBI are made to specifications primarily for military and sport usage. They can be used in other applications as well eg as starter cords for motors. See applications

The parachute cord is packed in continuous lengths, join free. They can be placed on spools or can be coiled

Yes there are colour variations but they are specific to the material type. In other words the colour range depends on the material it is made of. Each product has a colour available chart.  Refer to parachute cord product range.

Piping Cords

Yes – we actually have 3 possible versions of the 4.5mm piping to choose from…

  • Twisted cotton
  • Twisted cotton finished with starch to make it firm
  • Knitted polyester

Refer to our full range to see what is most suitable for your application

Yes we do. We have a range of piping with different types of thicknesses, varying smoothness and densities. See our range to find the correct piping to match your requirement. Request a sample to test that is correct.

Garage Door Braid

The core is manufactured from polyvinylchloride or PVC

The door braid is used on roll-up garage doors, running along the edge of the door. Also referred to as running strips they

  • Offer effortless rolling action
  • Acts as a buffer when the door is rolled up to prevent friction and wear and tear on the door

Provides a smooth and quiet operation

The outside braid around the core, is made from high tenacity nylon yarns it has high abrasion resistance properties necessary for the application

NBI garage door braid is standard wound onto reels with cardboard flanges to facilitate manual handling processes

Industrial Cord

They are one and the same thing, just different names for an outside braided layer of yarns and inner core of rubber threads that provide the elasticity. Shock cord is also known as stretch cord.

Yes the braiding process allows for different colours as well as a varying patterns on the outer sheath

The stretch or elasticity comes from the rubber core. NBI only uses high quality rubber that are made to original specifications, therefore the stretch factor is consistent throughout the bungee cord. The shock cord can be manufactured to customer specific stretch factors.

Decorative Braids

Yes you most certainly can. Lanyards can be custom made to your requirements – colour, braid, width, length. Contact us to request your exact wishes and we will gladly make up a sample for your approval

We offer wing tipped cord that is a special shaped tip, designed to have the cord inserted in one way and prevents the cord from exiting the punched hole in the bag. The tipping process performs a 2 in 1 process – the cord is cut to length and the ends are tipped (finished) with a special winged tip that prevents the cord from fraying.

Most certainly. We have a wide range of different types of fancy braids that can be custom designed to your liking. Have a look at our current range for inspiration and then contact us for free samples or to have your unique pattern manufactured. We will design and produce a sample according to your requirement and then send you a sample for approval

We do supply metallic gold and jute braid – the silver is replaced with the gold. Contact us for a sample

Clothing Cords

The full drawcord range can be tipped to any required length. The tip is a neat plastic finish with an appealing aesthetic appearance. The tipping process performs a double action :

  • Tips the end of the cord for a neat finish, sealing the end
  • Cuts the clothing cord to a specific length

Yes we supply a range of flat and round clothing cords made in various colours, widths and materials ideal for use as a drawstring or drawcord. See the full range to request samples for trial.

Moccasin Thread

Yes, the NBI range of moccasin thread is suitable for both hand and machine lacing.

Waxed thread is for hand lacing and stitching, the wax clasps the previous stitch in place whilst the next stitch is added. Unwaxed thread is used for machine stitching.

Shoe Laces

The length of lace depend on whether it is a round or flat lace and then is based on the number of eyelets and type of shoe. Refer to the easy to follow shoe length guide … Shoe-Lace-Length-Guide-2.pdf

NBI has a large range of round shoe laces from 2mm thick. Please click on to see the right one for you …See the full range of round shoe laces

NBI has a large range of shoe laces available in various colours. The number of colours depends on the type of material it is made of. Choose your shoelace from the full range on  https://nbisa.com/footwear-trims/  and click on the correct chart to see the full colour range

The plastic tip at the end of the shoelace is called an aglet (pronounces as “aiglet”). The word comes from an old French “aguile” which is the diminutive for “aguilette” meaning needle. Therefore aptly named aglet – as it serves the same purpose of threading.

The type of material used to manufacture the laces is what give the final shoelace the slippery feel. NBI laces are made from polyester, nylon, cotton and polypropylene yarns that are of high quality and made specifically for shoe laces. The braiding process results in a shoe lace with the correct properties so that tying the knot is simple and effective.

Quality Assurance