Tassels produced by National Braiding, are made especially for decorative purposes for the liquor and wine industry applications. NBI tassels are twisted using polypropylene yarns to produce a smooth, consistent twisted product.

The NBI tassels are placed on bottle necks to enhance and bring brand awareness to certain liquor products.

Key features of NBI Tassels
  • Product range diversity
  • Variety of colours
  • Finishing preferences
  • Custom made design colours
  • Custom made product
  • Excellent quality

The tassel product range is manufactured in accordance with the following quality management system: ISO9001:2008

The in-house laboratory, where continuous product testing during the manufacturing process is done, allows for consistent quality and specification adherence.


Yarns used in the manufacture of tassels, are of superior quality, thus producing product of excellent performance abilities.

Product Range

Q2276 Gold Bottle Neck Tassle 350ml

Gold Bottle Neck Tassel

Code: Q2276
1000 per pack
Colours: gold
Special: for 350ml bottle

Q1712 Gold Bottle Neck Tassle 750ml

Gold Bottle Neck Tassel

Code: Q1712
1000 per pack
Colours: gold
Special: for 750ml bottle


Quality Assurance