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NBI Specialised IRATA membership
NBI SPECIALISED IRATA MEMBERSHIP ACCESS ROPE NEWS Exciting news! We're delighted to share that we've achieved official associate membership status with the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). IRATA is a globally recognized organization dedicated to upholding industry standards and ensuring safety in the field of industrial rope access. At
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NBI lanyards
Quality Online Lanyard Manufacturer
QUALITY ONLINE LANYARD MANUFACTURER CUSTOM MADE FOR ANY REQUIREMENT National Braiding Industries is a certified lanyard manufacturer and supplier to the police, armed forces and security companies. Lanyards are made according to strict product specifications for various applications. Over the years we have developed a guaranteed reputation as a quality
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Where To Find The Best Upholstery Piping Cord Online
WHERE TO FIND THE BEST UPHOLSTERY PIPING CORD ONLINE National Braiding Industries manufacture upholstery piping cord to the highest quality standards to ensure that the diameter remains consistent during the stitching and washing processes. Only the best quality yarns and filler cords are used to produce piping cords that are
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Quality Waxed Shoelace Manufacturer
Quality Waxed Shoelace Manufacturer National Braiding Industries is able to manufacture a varied range of products from access rope, industrial ropes and cords, parachute cords, garage doorbraid, clothing cords, moccasin thread and shoe laces. Shoe laces are braided with high quality textured polyester yarns, in various standard colours and in
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Nylon Rope
NYLON ROPE National Braiding Industries, are well known for supplying a diverse range of quality cord and rope products. The collection of nylon ropes are most commonly used for marine applications such as general purpose yachting applications, sailing and sports The nylon rope special features include :• Conforms to required
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NBI Shock cord
Shock Cord
Shock cord is a very versatile industrial cord with elastic properties, used for various applications and is also commonly known as bungee cord, bungie cord, elastic cord, octopus strap, kangaroo straps or occy straps in Australia. The shock cord is constructed with an inner core of elastic or rubber strands
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Quality Shoelace Manufacturer
SHOE LACES National Braiding manufactures a wide range of products from Access rope, industrial cords, moccasin thread to shoe laces. The standard range of shoe laces includes : Round Shoe Laces Flat Shoe Laces Safety Shoe Laces School Shoe Laces The shoe laces are also available in a variety of
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Kernmantle Rope
KERNMANTLE ROPE Kernmantle rope is known for being one of the strongest rope types that are manufactured worldwide. The “kern” is the inner core of the rope that provides the strength, and the “Mantle” is the outer sheath that protects the kern from being damaged. Kernamantle ropes are one of
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NBI Kernmantle Static Access Rope
Rope Access
ROPE ACCESS Rope access is a safe method of working at height where ropes and specialized equipment and hardware are used to gain access to and from the work area with the proper support structure. The rope access system uses 2 ropes – one is the main working rope and
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Dynamic Rope by Arresta
DYNAMIC ROPE BY ARRESTA Dynamic Rope A dynamic rope is especially constructed for greater stretch so that energy can be absorbed from a sudden load. Example to absorb the shock of a falling rock climber. Less pressure is put on the climber and the equipment when dynamic rope is used.
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