Buy Industrial Cord
BUY INDUSTRIAL CORD We have made sure that being able to buy industrial cord that you require for your business could not be easier. Regardless of the industry you operate within, we are confident that we will be able to help you with either the specialised cord or the general
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Kernmantle Rope
KERNMANTLE ROPE Kernmantle rope is known for being one of the strongest rope types that are manufactured worldwide. The “kern” is the inner core of the rope that provides the strength, and the “Mantle” is the outer sheath that protects the kern from being damaged. Kernamantle ropes are one of
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NBI Kernmantle Static Access Rope
Rope Access
ROPE ACCESS Rope access is a safe method of working at height where ropes and specialized equipment and hardware are used to gain access to and from the work area with the proper support structure. The rope access system uses 2 ropes – one is the main working rope and
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Dynamic Rope by Arresta
DYNAMIC ROPE BY ARRESTA Dynamic Rope A dynamic rope is especially constructed for greater stretch so that energy can be absorbed from a sudden load. Example to absorb the shock of a falling rock climber. Less pressure is put on the climber and the equipment when dynamic rope is used.
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Safety Rope
SAFETY ROPE National Braiding Industries produces a range of safety rope that is used in the height safety industry like construction, climbing, mining, fire rescue and general industrial access. Safety rope or access rope needs to meet strict safety specification requirements as it is used for fall protection applications. NBI
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Starting today, so children can have a better tomorrow.
STARTING TODAY, SO CHILDREN CAN HAVE A BETTER TOMORROW. Children’s work is their play. They learn from everything that they do. They grow learning. National Braiding is committed to inspiring education and a better future for their staff, the community and their children. It is for this reason that the
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Traction Cord
TRACTION CORD Welcome to National Braiding Industries, where traction cord is one of the key product lines manufactured. The traction cord is made to stringent specifications for use in medical equipment, worldwide. We are considered the most superior suppliers in traction cord for various reason - Our website offers detailed
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Tassel Trim
TASSEL TRIM National braiding industries manufactures decorative tassel trim. The tassel trim is a fancy braid that is placed around the neck of bottles, adding branding awareness and cosmetic appeal to the product. The trims can be used as attractive enhancements to wine, liquor, food, sweet and perfume bottles. The
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NBI taking care of your rope
How to Take Care of Rope
HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR ROPE National Braiding takes tremendous precision to manufacture rope to exacting standards and specifications. The ropes are made from high quality yarns and therefore new ropes maintain the original specification conformance. Rope can last for a long time and retain its properties should the
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