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National Braiding Industries key product range is the manufacture of kernmantle static ropes. Kernmantle is derived from the German word “kernmantel” which means “core and jacket”. The kernmantle rope is constructed with its interior core protected by an exterior braided sheath, designed to optimize strength, durability and flexibility. The “kern” or core fibres delivers the tensile strength whilst the “mantle” or sheath provides the abrasion factors. NBI kernmantle ropes are made exactly to standard and custom specifications. Static ropes allow access to and maintenance at the work site. They have moderate stretch which allows them to absorb sufficient energy to arrest falls.

The complete range of ropes manufactured by NBI include :
• Access Rope
• Yacht Rope
• Industrial Rope

The access rope manufactured by National Braiding is registered under the brand name of “Arresta”. ARRESTA® Rope is manufactured for use in the access rope, construction and all other difficult to access industries. Yacht ropes are used for marine applications, sailing and other sports primarily, but since the strength factors meet the climbing and caving requirements, these ropes serve a dual industry. Industrial rope is a general purpose rope supplied to various industries addressing numerous applications.

NBI ropes are coiled or spooled and supplied in shrink wrapped packages including instructions on the care, handling and treatment of rope, thus allowing for an optimum rope lifespan. Please refer to the attached “How to take Care of Your Rope” for detailed directions.

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How to take Care of Your Rope

Rope Uses

NBI ropes are supplied to a variety of industries :
• Difficult access
• Industrial – refineries, chemical
• Electrical – pylons
• Carpentry and roofing
• Construction
• Mining
• Fire, rescue and evacuation
• Tree working
• Aerial
• Climbing and mountaineering
• Cleaning services
• Sporting activities like ski lifts
• Marine and sailing

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Cardboard Spool
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Standard Reel
Rope Key Features

• Conforms to required safety standards and specifications
• External and internal identity markers
• On site testing ability
• Join free packaging – 30m to 400m
• Low elongation
• Low sheath slippage
• Knotability factor
• Fall arrest peak force accordance
• Static strength compliance


The ARRESTA® Rope range is manufactured in accordance with the following quality management system:
• ISO 9001:2008

Certain ropes are also CE accredited.

The in-house laboratory, where continuous product testing during the manufacturing process is done, allows for consistent quality and specification adherence. NBI has the ability to perform on-site testing of all ARRESTA® Ropes to ensure specification conformity and highest safety factors



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The access rope manufactured by National Braiding is registered under the brand name of “Arresta”. ARRESTA® Rope is manufactured for use…

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Unit of Measure for the Impact of Force


Yarns used in the manufacture of ARRESTA® Ropes, are of superior quality, thus producing product of excellent performance abilities. ARRESTA® ropes are produced from high tensile polyester and polyamide to meet local (SABS) and international standards (EN 1891:1998 / AS 4142.3 1993). Key focus on all testing of the rope lines are to ensure that every rope is safe to use.