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Bungee / Shock Cord

National Braiding is a leading manufacturer of shock cords otherwise known as bungee cords. The NBI shock cord range is perfect for everyday use, demanding applications and outdoor usage.

Shock cord is constructed with a core consisting of continuous filaments of rubber and an outer braided layer of nylon, polyester or polypropylene. The outer sheath material is of excellent quality and affords the product high abrasion resistance. The braid pattern is tight and smooth providing enhanced gripping and secure knotting capabilities.
The colours available are from the large standard range but custom colours are regularly manufactured to customer requirements. Original designs and patterns are also offered.

Key Features of NBI Shock Cord
• Product range diversity
• Variety of colours
• Packaging preferences
• Custom made design colours
• Custom made product
• Excellent quality
• Superior strength capabilities

Industry Types
NBI shock cords are supplied to various industries :
• Clothing and apparel
• Packaging
• Automotive
• Marine
• Outdoor products
• Canvas and tents
• Safety and security
• Footwear
• Luggage and bags
• Tie downs




The shock cord range is manufactured in accordance with the following quality management system :
• ISO 9001:2008

The in-house laboratory, where continuous product testing during the manufacturing process is done, allows for consistent quality and specification adherence.


Yarns used in the manufacture of shock cords, are of superior quality, thus producing product of excellent performance abilities.