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Industrial Cords

National Braiding manufacturing expertise is evident in the high recognition received in the industrial cord industry. The NBI cords stand out noticeably for their strength, durability, attractiveness, stability and consistency. The extensive diverse product range of industrial cords includes :
• Parachute cord
• Medical cord
• Shock cord
• Blind Cord
• Bag cord
• Industrial Cord
• Bulk bag tie cord

Every application requires cord that is durable and strong with different requirements on elongation, shrinkage, flexibility and other characteristics. NBI product range is made from nylon, polyester, cotton, and polypropylene yarns of the highest quality, thus contributing to superior product quality. National Braiding’s perfect industrial cord quality provides optimal performance in every aspect.

Key Features of NBI Industrial Cords

• Product range diversity
• Variety of colours
• Packaging preferences
• Custom made design colours
• Custom made product
• Excellent quality
• Superior strength
• Durability
• Stability
• Consistency

Industry Types

NBI industrial cords are supplied to various industries :
• Parachute
• Medical
• Clothing and apparel
• Packaging
• Automotive
• Marine
• Outdoor goods
• Fibre optics
• Footwear

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Shock Cord

National Braiding is a leading manufacturer of shock cords otherwise known as bungee cords. The NBI shock cord range is perfect for everyday use, demanding…

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Parachute Cord

National Braiding is a key producer of parachute cord, otherwise known as paracord. Parachute cord is a lightweight braid primarily used in the…

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Medical Cord

NBI manufactures and supplies braided cotton and polyester cords to the medical industry for use as traction cords. The cords meet and exceed…

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Blind Cord

One of National Braiding key product lines are blind cords, also referred to as lift cords and pull cords. NBI manufactures blind cords made of high quality…

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Bag Cord

Round bag cord is made of polypropylene yarns in a standard braided pattern and supplied to the packaging and gift wrap industries primarily…

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Industrial Cord

Besides the specialised industrial cords, National Braiding also manufactures an additional range of cords for general industrial applications…

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Bulk Bag Tie Cord

National Braiding produces tie cords for use in bulk bags. The cord is braided in the most cost effective manner with various yarn types to produce…

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Twisted Filler Cord

NBI produces a variety of twisted filler cords used in the lifting sling industry. The twisted filler cord is produced from high tensile polyester…

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The industrial cord range is manufactured in accordance with the following quality management system :
• ISO 9001:2008

The in-house laboratory, where continuous product testing during the manufacturing process is done, allows for consistent quality and specification adherence.


Yarns used in the manufacture of industrial cords, are of superior quality, thus producing product of excellent performance abilities.