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Round Clothing Cord

Round clothing cords, braided or knitted, are manufactured in various diameters in cotton, polyester or polypropylene. The company also offers custom made clothing cords to meet individual design requirements. The drawstrings are produced in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any need. Besides the standard range, colours can be matched to specific requests and special pattern designs can be created to meet current fashion trends.

Tipped Drawstring

Round clothing cords are produced in continuous lengths and can be supplied as is or finished with plastic tips to specific lengths. The tipping process performs a 2 in 1 process – the cord is cut to length and then the ends are tipped (finished) so they do not fray or open up during the washing and handling process. This has become a very popular type of finish for all drawstrings.

Key Features of NBI Round Clothing Cord
• Product range diversity
• Variety of colours
• End tip options
• Finishing preferences
• Custom made design colours
• Custom made product design
• Excellent quality

Fashion Clothing
Clothing cords are used as drawstrings or decorative trims in :
• Track suits
• Jackets
• Shorts
• Cargo pants
• Pyjamas




The clothing cord range is manufactured in accordance with the following quality management system :
• ISO 9001:2008

The in-house laboratory, where continuous product testing during the manufacturing process is done, allows for consistent quality and specification adherence.


Yarns used in the manufacture of clothing cords, are of superior quality, thus producing product of excellent performance abilities.