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National Braiding Industries manufacture upholstery piping cord to the highest quality standards to ensure that the diameter remains consistent during the stitching and washing processes. Only the best quality yarns and filler cords are used to produce piping cords that are either knitted or braided to product specifications and finally finished to customer requirements.

Our quality check systems and in-house laboratory ensure that the entire production process adheres to the correct production and finishing processes. Some of the upholstery piping cords are finished with a starch so that the product offers the ideal firmness for the fabric in the upholstery process. The plant is capable of large volumes so quick turn-around times are always at hand.

Go to our website where you will be able to see that along with piping cord, we also manufacture and sell a range of other cord products which includes parachute cord and clothing cord.

If you would like to discuss your order requirements with us directly please call us on (+27) 36 431 7069. Our team will be more than happy to assist you further.

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