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National Braiding Industries, are well known for supplying a diverse range of quality cord and rope products. The collection of nylon ropes are most commonly used for marine applications such as general purpose yachting applications, sailing and sports

The nylon rope special features include :
• Conforms to required safety standards
• External and internal identity markers
• On site testing ability
• Join free packaging – 30m to 400m
• Low elongation
• Low sheath slippage
• Knot ability factor
• Static strength compliance

Our manufacturing plant is geared to produce large volumes whilst still maintain excellent quality. The nylon ropes are tested during the manufacturing process to ensure conformity to product specifications. Nylon rope is braided using very high quality polyamide yarns around a central core.

Besides the standard available range of nylon rope, NBI is glad to custom make rope to suit your requirements, whether it is different material, various widths or colour or a different identification marker.

Please call us on (+27) 36 431 7069 if you have any questions about the nylon rope or any of the other products which you can view on . Our team will be more than happy to assist you further.

Make National Braiding Industries your first choice for quality and affordable nylon rope.