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National braiding industries manufactures decorative tassel trim. The tassel trim is a fancy braid that is placed around the neck of bottles, adding branding awareness and cosmetic appeal to the product. The trims can be used as attractive enhancements to wine, liquor, food, sweet and perfume bottles.

The wine and liquor industries are extremely competitive and that’s why it is important that producers and wholesalers do everything within their power to make their products stand out from the crowd. The decorative tassel trim placed over the necks of bottles, differentiates the ordinary from the unique and makes your product stand out from the ordinary, thus making it more noticeable and the preferred choice.

You can have bespoke tassel trim created to your requirements, this includes a choice of colour options, finishing preferences and design features. The tassel trim will be unique to your design and to your bottle. Just let us know the type of tassel trim you want and our team will get to work on creating it for you.

We will send you samples for testing purposes. You can call us on +27 36 431 7069 or go to our website, if you would like to find out more about the tassel trim decorative braids.