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Arresta...gravity defying ropes...keeping you safe!

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Parachute Cord

Safe n' reliable paracord... every time you jump

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Industrial Cords

The remarkable cord braiding specialists

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Garage Door Braid

NBI door braid especially for roller door safety

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Piping Cords

Piping hot style keeping the edge on cushions and furniture

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Clothing Cords

Get trendy with chic clothing trims and drawstrings

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Decorative Braids

Fancy braid and trim creations by NBI

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Footwear Trims

Lace up with incredible shoe laces from NBI

Welcome To National Braiding Industries
The rope, cord and lace braiding specialists

National Braiding Industries (NBI) is a Leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality braided, twisted and knit-braided products. NBI’s stringent views on product quality and high standards of customer service forms part of the integral success of the company. While the product ranges cover a wide variety, the company is happy to custom make products to meet customer requirements.

NBI is a fully integrated company with processes such as …twisting, braiding, weaving, knitting, dyeing, finishing, waxing, make-up and packaging, including an up to date laboratory for continuous testing during the manufacturing process.

NBI offers a diverse range of standard products:


Rope – Access rope, yacht rope, industrial rope

Parachute Cord – diverse range of paracords

Industrial cord – medical cord, shock cord, blind cords, bag cord, industrial cord, bulk bag ties cord and twisted filler cord

Garage door braid – range of roll up garage door braid

Piping cord – Twisted piping cord , braided and knitted piping cord

Clothing cord – Round clothing cord, flat clothing cord, clothing trim

Decorative braid – Tassels, jute braid, fancy braids, clothing trims, lanyards

Footwear Trims – Round laces, flat laces, school shoe laces, safety shoe laces, polyprop laces

Moccasin thread and Shoe twine

The company has a policy of continually upgrading plant and equipment, thus ensuring that the product range is constantly upgraded technologically. National Braiding is totally committed to a social responsibility program – the factory is located in a rural area primarily so that the local residents can fulfil the factory’s staffing requirements, providing much needed employment in the area and making travel very economical for the staff.

NBI have implemented strategic plans to ensure that rapid growth is achieved in local and global markets.


Customer Service

o Adherence to short lead times and production flexibility.

o Understanding client requirements.

Employee Development

o NBI are committed to continuous progress through ongoing training and development programs.

Group Advantage

o Utilising group purchasing power to achieve low cost inputs, thus providing competitive product end prices.


o Consistent quality products, on time, at market related prices.


o Product innovation as a result of ongoing investment in the latest technology and machinery.

o The company is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company that has a policy of continually upgrading plant and equipment, thus ensuring that the product range is consistently improved technologically.


o ISO 9001:2008 quality accreditation used as the cornerstone for all processes and drive for continuous improvement.

o Internal testing facility to ensure that products meet the highest standards.

o Compliance with international labour and environmental laws.

o CE accreditation on selected products.